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Our system can examine your auction for common errors. Choose HTML Validation to check for incomplete or disallowed tags or choose eBay Intereference to check for tags which may cause problems with eBay generated pages.

The w3 validation is performed on your portion of the auction listing only. eBay pages themselves will not pass any W3 test!   eBay's home page alone can generate hundreds of errors.

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      HINT: you may copy the entire url of an eBay auction if desired. The system will extract the item number.
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Type of Test

Enter an auction item number above then choose the type of test.

Note about W3 Validation. The validation performed by the W3 test is somewhat strict. Scan the result for important errors which will actually break the page. These include nearly all 'block level' elements such as table, th, td, tr, p ETC.

Some warnings deal only with proper form and will not likely affect rendering in the majority of browsers. You may wish to place less importance on warnings for such things as HTML Entities within ebay search strings and the use of the "ALT" attribute for images.