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Please take note!    Many of the scripts shown here depend on information extracted from the eBay listing at run time. That means they will only function when placed in a running auction. They will not work while hosted on a Practice board, your local PC, or in the preview section of any listing tool.

Script Snips

This page contains a collection of short scripts which can be placed in your listing. The scripts operate in-line using the Javascript document.write method so placement is not affected. Just place the scripts within a table cell or any place you would normally place a link.

Email Link with auction info   This script will create a clickable email link in your auction which will automatically include the auction information for the sender. To customize the script for your email address, input below and click customize.

This version will obscure your address from most automatic harvestors but will not prevent a human from learning the address. If you need to completely hide your address, try Zippy Mail. It is a free service offering blind remailing for auctions

Your email address:

The following script snips create duplicate links to common functions within the body of your listing. If your listing requires the bidder to scroll down a lengthy page, it may be helpful to repeat links at mid page. To cause features to open in a new window add target="_blank" to the anchor tag. These scripts do not have to be edited. Just paste them in your listing or template!

If you want to use an image, Locate the anchor text in the script and replace it with your image tag. Example: for the script below, find the phrase Watch this auction and replace it with <img src=http://your_image_url>. Be aware of quotes and double quotes, both have special meaning within a script!

Watch This Auction!
View Seller Feedback!
View Sellers Other Items
(Warning - Recently changed. Not fully tested!)

Add to Favorite Sellers
Visit My ABOUT ME Page
Email Auction to a Friend
eBay Ask Seller a question

Ebay Big Picture

If you present photos within the body of your listing or template, the eBay free image may appear out of place at the end of the listing. This script prevents display of the larger version but does not effect the thumbnail at the top of the listing.

Hide 'eBayBig' image

Spam-resistant email link This email link will work on any page including an eBay auction. An image of your choice is clicked and the visitor is presented with their own email program with subject information already filled in. Edit the script as indicated by the comment lines: /* .. */

By splitting your email address into components within the script, normal address harvesting is prevented. Change information in the the commented areas and copy to your document. Once you have it working, you can remove the comments to reduce clutter.

Email Link (image click)